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Introducing Opal by Opalescence®

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Introducing Opal™ by Opalescence®

Better At-Home Teeth Whitening Created by Dentists

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, March 19, 2024. From the makers of OpalescenceTM teeth whitening, the #1 professional whitening brand sold exclusively by dentists worldwide for the past 30 years, comes OpalTM by Opalescence®—the brand's first teeth whitening line available online without the need for a dental visit. With Opal by Opalescence, oral health and self-care enthusiasts now have access to premium results and a safe, gentle, and affordable whitening experience in the comfort of their home.

Opalescence whitening, the professional teeth whitening brand behind Opal by Opalescence, started over 30 years ago when Dr. Jaleena Jessop, DDS, now Chief Clinical Officer for Opalescence whitening, was a teenager. Jaleena wanted to whiten her teeth and often asked her dad, a dentist, to create something that offered a better way to whiten than the unreliable liquids and potions available at the time which offered minimal results and, often, maximum sensitivity. After many hours in his lab, Dr. Dan Fischer developed OpalescenceTM teeth whitening—giving his daughter the confident smile she'd yearned for. He later formally founded the brand and its popularity changed the teeth whitening industry forever. Opalescence whitening's sticky, viscous gel, innovative delivery methods, and superior results have made it the worldwide leader in professional whitening.

"While there are many teeth whitening options out there, research has shown that nothing beats professional whitening through a dentist. But not everyone can access professional teeth whitening. So, in creating Opal by Opalescence, our goal is to finally offer a safe whitening system that people can experience from the comfort of home and still get premium results, regardless of their ability to access a dentist. Opalescence whitening, Opal's parent brand, has professionally whitened over 100 million smiles worldwide, so we're confident that the science-backed formula and innovative prefilled tray delivery system we've created for Opal is by far the next best thing to a professional teeth whitening treatment that's ever hit the market," remarks Dr. Jaleena Jessop.

Opal by Opalescence's prefilled tray whitening options (Classic and Gentle formulas) come with seven prefilled upper and lower trays that easily conform to any smile, stay in place, and provide superior coverage to its competitors on the market, all while whitening up to 4–5 shades for quick, visible results.1

Opal also offers both Original Whitening Toothpaste and Sensitivity Relief Whitening Toothpaste, designed to remove surface stains and whiten teeth by up to two shades in one month.2

Additionally, Opal by Opalescence offers a special product bundle—The Glow-Getter Kit—featuring either the Classic or Gentle prefilled tray teeth whitening paired with the brand's Original or Sensitivity Relief Whitening Toothpaste.

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About OpalTM by Opalescence®

Formulated by the dentists behind OpalescenceTM teeth whitening, the #1-selling professional global whitening brand, comes OpalTM by Opalescence®, the brand's first direct-to-consumer whitening line. It is designed to offer safe, effective, and gentle results users have come to love from Opalescence whitening and is available to be purchased online and used in the comfort of their own home. Opal by Opalescence features a full lineup of teeth whitening products, from prefilled whitening tray kits (available in two concentrations), to specially formulated whitening toothpastes and whitening refill options. Get glowing with Opal by Opalescence—a better way to whiten.

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2. Gultz J, Kaim J, Scherer W. Whitening efficacy of a whitening toothpaste creme [IADR abstract 2747]. J Dent Res. 1998;77(suppl 2):975

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